Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is valuable, so why waste it standing in long lines? At least once a year both individuals and companies must renew their vehicle license discs.

It can take hours to complete your vehicle license disc renewal. Instead of wasting your time in a long line, you could be catching up on some paperwork, having some extra me-time, or spending more time connecting with friends.

Let VIP Licensing handle all your vehicle license disc renewals. The registration process is quick, easy and convenient. We charge a once off fee per license renewal, so there are no monthly debit orders or hidden costs.

Our standard service charge is only R210 per vehicle, including delivery to your elected address;

If you have more than one vehicle license renewal that needs to be delivered to the same address, you will receive a discount. Notifications regarding vehicle renewals are free of charge, so you will never have late penalties; License expired? No problem, we will still be able to assist you.

For individuals

Clear copy of the Driver’s license of the registered owner

Proof of Residence (not older than 3 months)

Copy of the license disc(s)

For Business

A vehicle registration document registered in the business name

The driver’s license of the owner of the business

List of vehicles and expiry dates of licenses

Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)

Signed and completed Proxy letter- available for download under the documents tab

Your car license renewal fees vary from province to province and are based on the vehicles tare weight and type.

We have a flat rate of R 210. This includes our service fee and delivery to your elected address.

The Road Traffic Act Regulation 24 (2) (b) fee of R 72 will be added to your invoice.

According to the Road Traffic Act Regulation 24 (2) (b), each province determines its own registration and license fees which are increased, from time to time, by proclamation in the respective provincial gazettes.

Annual license fees are assessed on a vehicle’s tare weight with separate scales for different vehicle types. The R 72 transaction fee is added to the licence fee. The Road Traffic Management Corporation Act, 1999 [Section 48 (1) (b)] empowers the Minister of Transport to make regulations to fund the Road Traffic Management Corporation (a central body set up to administer traffic law enforcement).

In terms of this regulation, local registering authorities must pay the Corporation a transaction fee which is passed on to the applicant and added to the license fee